Anna Xambó Sedó on LOLTRAX001 album release

 MTI²'s Anna Xambó Sedó has participated in the compilation LOLTRAX001 with the track mnnw (extract). This compilation is curated by Joe Beedles and Guillaume Dujat (LOL Editions) with 14 tracks by artists including WEȽ∝KER, 1000PA, Michael-Jon Mizra, Chloë Sobek, Robin Fox, Dan Valentine, SONAMB, busf, Kindohm, Ellen Phan, pantea, Lauren Sarah Hayes and Iettatore. 

LOLTRAX001 is an experimental computer music compilation. Based in Manchester UK, LOL HQ have reached out to an international cohort of artists for the label's first release under the ‘TRAX’ format. Within this 56 minute celebration of rhythm, tone and noise, experience the last croak of a circuit bent keyboard, DSP dexterity, luscious pads and phased-out synthesis. Blast yourself with the full hour-long journey or take it in measures.

Proudly presenting: WEȽ∝KER’s GM dissection, 1000PA’s delicately pressurised arrangements, Michael-Jon Mizra’s synthetic scuttling, Chloë Sobek’s post-anthropocentric noise, Robin Fox’s vectorised laserscapes, Anna Xambó’s high altitude human-computer interactions, Dan Valentine's luxurious additive dub, SONAMB’s shiny mechanoids, busf’s intermittent piston blasts, Kindohm’s signature style coated in a newly saturated varnish, Ellen Phan’s therapeutic wall of sound, pantea’s filtered sonic taxidermy, Lauren Sarah Hayes’ unapologetic ML improvisations, capped off with Iettatore’s face-melting stereo spread.

There is a limited edition cassette for £12. All proceeds will be donated to MIND (UK based mental health charity).

The album can be found at Bandcamp: