CD launch for James Andean's 'Assemblance(s)', Sheffield, Friday April 26th

The debut cd from MTI's James Andean, 'Assemblance(s)' is being released on the electroacoustic label empreintes DIGITALes, with a launch party at the Sound Junction event at the University of Sheffield, Friday April 26th 2019 at 6pm:

Out next week: 'The Digital Score - Musicianship, Creativity and Innovation'

Next week will see the release of the new Routledge book 'The Digital Score: Musicianship, Creativity and Innovation', by Professor of Digital Performance Craig Vear:

"Digital technology is transforming the musical score as a broad array of innovative score systems have become available to musicians. From attempts to mimic the print score, to animated and graphical scores, to artificial intelligence-based options, digital scoring affects the musical process by opening up new possibilities for dynamic interaction between the performer and the music, changing how we understand the boundaries between composition, score, improvisation and performance. The Digital Score: Musicianship, Creativity and Innovation offers a guide into this new landscape, reflecting on what these changes mean for music-making from both theoretical and applied perspectives.

Drawing on findings from over a decade’s worth of practice-based experimentation in the field, author Craig Vear builds a framework for understanding how digital scores create meaning. He considers the interactions between affect, embodiment and digital scores, offering the first comprehensive and critical consideration of an exciting field with no agreed-upon borders. Featuring insights from interviews with over fifty musicians and composers from across four continents, this book is a valuable resource for music researchers and practitioners alike."

Large-scale Audiovisual Installation by PhD student Asher Arnon Apr 10-12

Asher Arnon
Audio-visual composition and installation
Four screens and thirteen speakers

Perhaps this scheme will enable us to hear more often from each other
A poetic documentary, an ensemble of images and sounds composed as a multi-layered narrative unfolding in time and space. Visual and auditory impressions, collected from eight localities, are assembled into a collage of fleeting moments of transience juxtaposed with longer stretch of reflection and meditation.

PACE 1, DMU, April 10th -12th
The installation will be on view on Wednesday 10.4 - 2pm-7pm, Thursday 11.4 – 12pm-7pm and Friday 12.4 - 10am-2pm.