Pierre Couprie wins Max Mathews Quartz award for iAnalyse and EAnalysis

Pierre Couprie, software designer behind iAnalyse and EAnalysis, last night won the Max Mathews Prize at at the tenth 'Max Mathews Qwartz Music Awards' ceremony.

The development of EAnalysis initially took place as part of a research project entitled ‘New multimedia tools for electroacoustic music analysis’ at the MTI Research Centre of De Montfort University (Leicester, UK). This initial project was funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) between 2010 and 2013.

EAnalysis is a sound-based music analysis tool, allowing users to visualise sonograms, work with multiple audio tracks and video and realise works visually with the software's analytical tools.

At the same event, Pierre Henry won a Qwartz award dedicated to his career as a composer and researcher.

A full programme for the event can be found by visiting the Qwartz website. An article (in French) can found by visiting http://qwartz.fr/category/qwartz-10/

MAKE||SOUND Symposium 'Making Sound in Public Space' tomorrow at Curve Theatre, Leicester

Music, Technology and Innovation Research Centre & Faculty of Technology, Research Seminar Series

De Montfort University, Leicester

Venue: RR2, Curve Theatre
Date and time: 12.00-c.6.00pm, Friday 12 June

Symposium: Making Sound in Public Space
Make||Sound presents an afternoon of talks on the topic of sonic art and public engagement hosted in partnership with the Music, Technology and Innovation Research Centre - De Montfort University.

MTI members John Richards and Steve Jones are joined by guest speakers/keynotes Nye Parry, Nicola Dibben, Franz Rosati and Simonne Jones. Topics discussed include public engagement and accessibility in relation to sound art, commercial/experimental music crossovers, mobile media and portability, and community music-making with dirty electronics.

12.00: Peter Batchelor, Welcome
12.15: Nye Parry, Public Engagement, Private Divorce: Contexts and motivations in a Sonic Arts Practice13.00: Lunch
14.00: Nicola Dibben, Music-making for Mobile Devices: Björk's "Biophilia" App Album
14.40: Steve Jones, Roaming: mobility, media and the capture of (public) place
15.10: John Richards, Blood, Sweat and Music15.50: Break
16.00: Louise Rossiter & Jack Richardson, Networking the Arts: Introduction of the Art & Sound Symposium
16.20: Simonne Jones, The Secrets of the Universe
17.00: Franz Rosati, Contact; Shock: minimal and maximal approaches to electronic live music
17.45: Performance: Franz Rosati, Ruinsc.18.15: End

Full information, including abstracts, available here: http://makefestival.uk/talk

Tickets Free; Space Limited. Please book here: http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/makesound-tickets-16923438460

Neal Spowage Fashion Film Prize + Recent Presentation at Haptic Narratives, Greenwich University

A radiophonic composition by postgraduate student Neal Spowage titled Dis-comforting has been used as a soundtrack for a fashion video short of the same name by Ania Sadkowska.

This video has just won the first prize POLIMODA & ASVOFF Video Contest For IFFTI2015 (International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institute) annual conference in Florence, Italy which is organised by the international fashion institute, Polimoda: MOMENTING THE MEMENTO.

The film explores older men's experience of fashion and clothing. The result to-date includes a set of themes capturing the richness of the male ageing phenomenon in relation to fashion and clothing, their writer interpretation and corresponding fashion artefacts and films.

Additionally, Neal recently presented his video New Track of Unknown Terra II to Haptic Narratives - Textural Exploration in Film at Greenwich University, UK, on 21st May 2015. This series of events focused on exploring and engaging with haptic sensations through tactile cues on film and the environments associated with moving images. It is organised by TiMaDi (Time, Materiality and the Digital Research Group).

Two MTI Students in Engine Room Installation until June 12

MTI doctoral students Francesc Martí and Virginie Viel have had work exhibited as part of the The Engine Room International Sound Art Competition. The event, which has been at the Morley Gallery in London, started on 12 May and runs through to 12 June 2015. 

At the same event, noted sound artist Janek Schaefer will be presenting a newly commissioned installation Aerial Aria in the aviary.

Francesc and Virginie are two of the twenty-two selected works, ranging from  Singapore, Russia, Germany, Colombia, Italy, Canada, France, the United States and the United Kingdom.

More information on the event can be found by visiting Engine Room London.

Further information about the two selected works can be found below:

Virginie Viel 
Liberté chérie (2014) 

- Who are you?
- You appeared to me in a place that doesn't exist, 
- Were you real? 
- You've never seen me and I've never seen you 
- How did I manage to talk to you? 
- I don't know... 
- Give me a clue! 
- I only remember... 
- Open the door! Open the door! I want to smell, to touch, to feel, to caress her... 
- Why? You might regret it! Many others were like you, burning with desire... But ultimately all of them gave up and turned away from her. 
- No, I won't… 
- It's too late anyway. Long gone are the days of lightness, love and happiness. Today no one knows, no one wants to remember... where she is gone 
- Why? 
- Hope disappeared a long time ago. Since that time, looking for Freedom, looking for that lady is meaningless. Without hope, be free has no sense anymore. 

Francesc Martí 
Speech 2 (2015) 

Speech 2 is an experimental audiovisual piece created from a series of old clips from the public affairs interview program The Open Mind. This piece would be a reflection on the action of communicating, highlighting his limitations, and can be labelled as “text-sound-art”, or “text-sound-composition” in an audio-visual framework. Technically, in this piece, the author has been experimenting how granular sound synthesis techniques, in particular synchronous granular synthesis, can be used for audiovisual creative works. All the piece sounds and images come from that series of clip, in other words, no other sound samples or images have been used to create the final result.