John Young / Musica Nova Competition

John Young's piece X (2010) for piano and electroacoustic sounds has been awarded an Honorary Mention in the 2011 Musica Nova Competition in Prague.  The piece was composed for Welsh-based Xenia Pestova, and premiered by her in Bangor in September this year.

X will be included in a concert at DMU on 2 March 2012 as part of the University's Cultural Exchanges Festival.

Leigh Landy Premieres New ZKM Commission

In November, Leigh Landy presented two works in the main Kubus concert at the ARD Hörspiel Tage (Radio Play Festival) at the ZKM – this included his new ZKM commissioned work, Radio-aktiv, composed in 24-channels for the Sound Dome and his work, To BBC or Not. Both works contain samples taken from national radio recording which are recomposed. All three of his radio pieces, along with other works, will be presented during De Montfort University's Cultural Exchanges Festival in late February 2012.

He will also present a keynote talk and a composition at the Symposium for Performance of Electronic and Experimental Music (SPEEC) at Oxford University 6-7 January 2012.