Bret Battey’s “Three Breaths in Empty Space” @ Festival Visiones Sonoras, Mexico

A streaming version of MTI²'s Prof. Bret Battey’s “Three Breaths in Empty Space” will be part of Festival Visiones Sonoras, hosted by MTI² partner-institution CMMAS (Centro Mexicano para la Música y las Artes Sonoras), 23-25 September, 2020:

MTI²'s Anna Xambó in "Taking the Temperature: Crisis, Curating, and Musical Diversity"

There will be a launch event at Ultima Festival in Oslo this week Friday, September 11 at 3pm, for the open access book "Taking the Temperature: Crisis, Curating, and Musical Diversity", which features an interview with MTI²'s Anna Xambó, talking about her experiences during her time as a chair of the organisation WoNoMute.

Launch event: 

Order or download the book here:

"We view this current crisis as creating an opening for contemporary music to finally escape its toxic relationship with tradition, quality and a white, European bourgeois aesthetic and embrace the many newly-made musics that exist in this world." (extract from Editorial by Brandon Farnsworth, Anna Jakobsson, Vanessa Massera)

Now out: Organisd Sound issue on 'Time in Electroacoustic Music'

The latest issue of the Cambridge University Press journal Organised Sound is now out, on the theme of 'Time in Electroacoustic Music':

The issue is co-edited by MTI²'s Prof. Kevin Dahan, and includes two articles by MTI² members - Kevin Dahan's 'A Temporal Framework for Electroacoustic Music Exploration', and James Andean's 'Rhythm in Acousmatic Music' - as well as an article by an MTI alumnus: Michael Gatt's 'Memory, Expectation and the Temporal Flux of Acousmatic Music'.