Visible Bits, Audible Bytes at Phoenix Square 12th March

MTI’s annual audio-visual festival – a feast for ear and eye – everyone welcome!

Phoenix Cinema and Art Centre
4 Midland Street, Leicester, LE1 1TG
Box Office: 0116 242 2800

Wednesday 12th March 2014 3pm till late
Visible Bits, Audible Bytes
- a one day festival curated by Andrew Hill.

An award-winning sound and visual artist from Canada is coming to Leicester as part of a one day festival at Phoenix Cinema and Art Centre. Nicolas Bernier, from Montreal, Quebec will be launching an exhibition and performing at the Visible Bits, Audible Bytes festival on Wed 12th March.
Nicolas will be headlining the festival, fresh from being recognised as one of the finest artists in his field with the top prize at the prestigious Ars Electronica festival in Linz, Austria. Visible Bits, Audible Bytes also features talks and performances from a range of national and international artists, including Alo Allik, Ryo Ikeshiro, Thierry Gauthier, François Bayle and Piotr Kamler.
The event begins at 3pm and is completely free. Places can be booked via the Phoenix box office and website.
Nicolas’s exhibition Frequencies (a) will launch at the event and continue at Phoenix until the 22nd March. An installation of sound and light, the artwork merges the piercing hum of mechanically-triggered tuning forks with pure digital soundwaves. Streams of light burst in harmony with the forks, alternately illuminating the exhibition in stark white light and plunging it into complete darkness.

Programme for the day –
3pm – 3:30pm: Alo Allik
3:30 – 4pm: Ryo Ikeshiro - Audiovisualisation
4pm – 4:30pm: Paul Prudence
4:30 – 5pm: Nicholas Bernier – ‘Frequencies’ Series of Works
ca.5.00pm - opening of Bernier's Frequencies (a) installation in the DMU cube @ Phoenix
6.30-8.00pm Main Concert (Screen 2) – Audio-visual works
Len Lye - Colour Box
Thierry Gauthier - Portrait D’une Femme
Ryo Ikeshiro - Construction in Kneading
Norman McLaren - Begone Dull Care
François Bayle and Piotr Kamler - L'Expérience Acoustique: Métaphore + Lignes et points
Nicolas Bernier - Frequencies (Synthetic Variations)
From 9.00pm VJs in Bar
Alo Allik – VJ set
Paul Prudence - Transphormetic
Justin Bennett - Raw Materials

About the artists
Nicolas Bernier creates sound performances, installations, live electronics, and moving image. His sound is somewhere between the old and the new. It is electronic music made from objects of the past: typewriter, old machines, tuning forks, soundscape memories and musical instruments.
Estonian artist Alo Allik has performed his audio-visual works, compositions, eclectic DJ sets and live electronic music throughout the world. UK-based Japanese artist Ryo Ikeshiro’s works include live audio-visual performances, interactive installations, electronic music, and soundtracks.
Thierry Gauthier is a Canadian composer and visual artist with an experimental approach to composition. François Bayle, born in Madagascar, is one of the most distinguished living composers of electronic music, having headed the prestigious Groupe de Recherches Musicales from 1966-97. Piotr Kamler is a renowned Polish filmmaker known for his cutting edge work in animation.
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New Drum Kits

Good news! The drum kit in Queen's live room has been replaced with a Yahama drum set. The new kit expands the choices of toms, which can either flexibly be chosen in a standard kit or extended with extra toms.

An additional drum set has been stored at our loans facility, where it can be taken out by all Music, Technology and Innovation (MTI) as well as Music, Technology and Performance (MTP) and Audio Technology (ART) students.


Cultural Exchanges Festival - four music events! Wednesday and Thursday 19th-20th February

* Wednesday 19th February at 6 - 7pm Clephan 2.13, £5  (£3.50 Conc)
A talk by Dame Evelyn Glennie 'Striking Ahead' (note this is not a concert).
* Wednesday 19th February 7.30-9pm, PACE Studio 1, admission £4 (£2.50 Conc)
Playing Dirty: Live Electronic Music
DMU's Dirty Electronics Ensemble is joined by the Live Electronics Ensemble from the Royal College of Music, Stockholm, for a concert exploring large ensemble performance pieces for electronic music. The program will include original pieces and instruments specially created for the collaboration. Expect a thirty-strong 'tour de force' of buzzes and bleeps!
* Thursday 20th February 1 - 2pm, PACE Studio 1, admission free
A Life in Music: Richard Orton in Memoriam
Richard Orton was one of the great pioneers of British electronic and experimental music; he was founder and long time director of the York University studios and taught many of Britain's leading composers. This concert includes his classic music theatre work Mug Grunt - with guest appearances by Archer Endrich and Andrew Bentley who knew him well. DMU's John Richards studied with Orton and has created For Gentle Fire for this concert, based on Orton's work Kiss which is also performed.
* Thursday 20th February 7.30 - 8.45pm, Imaginary Soundscapes
PACE Studio 1, admission free
Leigh Landy's China/Music Old/New
John Young Forms of Space
Panos Amelides Golden Walnuts
Louise Rossiter's Sacred Voices.