Concert PACE 1 Wednesday 10th December

The Dirty Electronics Ensemble & Marij van Gorkom
Marij van Gorkom (bass clarinet and electronics) plays new works written specially for her. She has an international reputation as an exponent of this instrument in new music. Marij has recently joined MTI as a research student.
Paul Wilson - Dark Mission [2013]
Adam Basanta - Synchronicity ain’t no thing [2014]
Kasia Glowicka - Midnight Choirs [2014]
Gleb Foulga - Substances [2014]
Kajsa Lindgren is an exchange student composer from The Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm. She has been working with MTI’s Dirty Electronics Ensemble (director John Richards) which makes a uniquely innovative contribution to musical life!
Kajsa Lindgren - Coalesce (five performers and 8-channel electroacoustic material)
All welcome! Entry Free!
At 1pm that day (MTI Research Lab, Clephan 0.19): Marij van Gorkom and Steve Jones will present in the Postgraduate Seminar series.
Watch this space for our continuing MTI events series

Concert Wednesday 26th November PACE 1

MTI/MTP & alumni Mix – curated by Pete Batchelor

PACE Studio 1a, 6.00-7.00pm
Rob Martland presents Lysik’s, an audio-visual installation considering one person’s experience of the neurological sense fusing condition of synaesthesia.  
PACE Studio 1, 7.00pm
Current students are joined by friends and recent alumni to present a concert which celebrates their musical activities on, on the cusp of, beyond, or surrounding their MTI/MTP studies. The programme includes:
Holy Bones (Paul Keene and Ben Stirk): formed in 2007, Holy Bones 'take the old and create the new, ripping apart vinyl from jumble sales and crate digging until fingers are sore!'
Banderbear (Rob Martland and Ethan Wallace): a collaboration established during undergraduate studies at MTI. They describe their music as being wilfully 'brooding and intense'.

All welcome! Entry Free!

MTI Seminar Series - Wednesday 26th November 13.00-14.00 (MTIRC Lab - Clephan 0.19)

Marinos Giannoukakis -
"Transconsistent Composition, moving from morphologies to topologies. Strategies for composing artworks for multimodal environments"
Amit Patel -
"Creating Noise in the Asian underground"

Everyone welcome: the door is card controlled - if you do not normally have access we would be so grateful if you could come along between 12.55 and 13.05 - many thanks!

Slight change to concert schedule Wednesday! Read on ...

Marinos Giannoukakis's Musica Universalis will run in the small studio PACE 1A right next to the main space at 6.30pm. Depending on demand it might run twice and possibly again after the concert.
Marinos is working on a version with 3D graphics for the occasion! Come along! [SE 10.11]

MTI Mix 2 - Concert Pace 1 Wednesday 12th November 7pm

Wednesday November 12th, 2014 7.00pm
PACE Building, Studio 1, Richmond St., Leicester

MTI Mix 2

We continue our 15th Birthday Season celebrating our members’ great success over the last year – and introducing some new members.

Michael Young                                    Piano Prosthesis
Michael recently joined DMU as Pro-Vice Chancellor (Teaching and Learning). He performs this interactive piano/computer piece himself.
Virginie Viel                                    Nuage Noir
Virginie recently joined MTI as a research student after a Masters at Mons (Belgium) including studies with Annette Vande Gorne and Elizabeth Anderson.
Simon Atkinson                                    afterimages
A new work evoking the rich and mysterious sounds of nature, exploring composition as landscape.
Louise Rossiter                         Cyclic Motions
Louise is a PhD research student in MTI - she has just returned from a composing residency in Montreal.

Marinos Giannoukakis                        Musica Universalis
A new work for computer-generated graphics and 8-channel sound. Marinos is a PhD research student in MTI.
All welcome! Entry Free!

Watch this space for our continuing MTI events series

MTI Mix 1 - Concert Pace 1 Wednesday 22nd October 7pm

We launch our 15th Birthday Season in the traditional way celebrating our members great success over the last year.
Ben Ramsay Reload - Refract – Repeat
Ben completed his doctorate with MTI last year with these pieces which cross over between electronica and acousmatics.
Panos Amelides The Olympic Games Piece
Panos continues his explorations of electroacoustic storytelling.
Simon Atkinson interiorities viii
A new work in the interiorities series from the master of sustained and intricate atmosphere.
Elliott Murray Chop Boss In Action
Elliott (third year MTI BA student) won Spotify’s Midihack contest in Stockholm in June with his own Max-based instrument the Chop Boss. Check out Youtube for a preview.
All welcome! Entry Free!

Modulation One Dance Performance July 2, 2014

Modulation_one (live-digital dance and augmented sound) asks the dancers to imagine; to be present in the transfer of data; to engage with the mediated/digital as it appears and disappears. 

Modulation_one is the final practical study for Kerry Francksen's PhD and builds upon a recent and developing collaboration with composer Simon Atkinson, film-maker Laura McGregor and dance artist Jodie Davis. Over the past year they have been searching for a way to create environments where acousmatic sound, image and movement can be conceived of as a continually emerging process, where a more dynamic relationship arrives from an engagement in those thresholds in ‘the dimension of the emergent’ (Massumi 2012:34).

PACE Studio 1, 6 pm
July 2, 2014

Sound Sight Space Play 2014 - 18th-20th June

We would like to bring to your attention, the SSSP (Sound, Sight, Space and Play) conference that is taking place at De Montfort University 18-20 June 2014. The conference is ran by postgraduate students in the MTIRL (Music, Technology and Innovation Research Centre) and is primarily aimed at postgraduates in the field of sonic art and electroacoustic music, although all are welcome to participate. This years event features a wide range of research papers with keynotes by: Norah Lorway (University of Birmingham), Tullis Rennie (SARC) and Lelio Camilleri (GB Martini Conservatory of Music). There are also installations to be seen alongside two concerts, and a listening room. We are pleased to announce that registration is now open at the following link: A standard rate of £45 will apply. Further details about the conference as well as the preliminary schedule can be viewed on the SSSP website: Please feel free to disseminate widely. Thank you. Best wishes, SSSP 2014

Landy Residency at Sibelius Academy

Professor Leigh Landy was in residence with the The Centre for Music & Technology at Sibelius Academy of Finland in March 2014, discussing his work as a composer, recent research projects, and the notion of sound-based music, and presenting a solo concert.

Forcucci in Berlin, Basel, Freiburg, Saillon

Doctoral student Luca Forcucci presented his work at numerous events in the first half of 2014:

  • Lecture at the Technical University of Berlin — January 30
  • Sound Installation at the House of Electronic Arts, Basel — Feb 26 - March 16
  • Artist's Talk at the International Symposium Border Sounds, Freiburg — Mar 21-22
  • Presentation of M(a)(e)rgin(g)s at the Zentrum Fuer Kunst und Urbanstik, Berlin — May 23. "Soundscapes from the city of Sao Paulo in Brazil have been recorded. The sound is deterritorialised, abstracted from its original ‘milieu’, reterritorialised and attached to the structure of the ephemeral construction built by Studio OSK at ZK/U Berlin. An imaginary territory emerges through the layering of Sao Paulo, Berlin and the structure itself: a sonic Moiré pattern questioning borders."

He has an upcoming concert and seminar at Rencontres AME, Saillon — Aug 27-31, and a presentation at the Electroacoustic Music Studies conference in Berlin — Jun 12.

Sound, Sight, Space and Play Conference 2014

The SSSP (Sound, Sight, Space and Play) conference is taking place at De Montfort University 18-20 June 2014. The conference is run by postgraduate students in the Music, Technology and Innovation Research Centre and is primarily aimed at postgraduates in the field of sonic art and electroacoustic music, although all are welcome to participate. 

This years event features a wide range of research papers with keynotes by: Norah Lorway (University of Birmingham), Tullis Rennie (SARC) and Lelio Camilleri (GB Martini Conservatory of Music). There are also installations to be seen alongside two concerts, an algorave and a listening room. 

We are pleased to announce that registration is now open at the following link:

An early bird rate of £35 will be avaliable until 9 June 2014. Thereafter the standard rate of £45 will apply. Further details about the conference as well as the preliminary schedule can be viewed on the SSSP website:

Neal Spowage and Danai Pappa - PACE 1 Wednesday 7th May

PACE Building, Studio 1, 7pm

Neal Spowage is an artist and musician who builds instruments, which he refers to as junk sculptures, that are designed to force gesture from the performer through perceived and actual affordances of sound and physical presence. Danai Pappa is a dancer whose studies in humanities intend to evoke emotional and psychological states of mind through images, spatial relationships and movement. As a choreographer her goal is to find inventive ways to demonstrate shifting modes of representation and performer/spectator relationships.
Frozen Venus (2013, 14 Minutes)
By Neal Spowage and Danai Pappa
Performance for six shitsticks - dance and live electronic noise sculptures
Each instrument is a domestic plunger with a built in speaker and simple hardware hacked touch synthesiser. It is called a shitstick.
New Track of Unknown Terra (2014, 7 minutes – Film/fixed media)
Created by Neal Spowage
Performance of the beast, a noise sculpture.
The beast is an instrument that amplifies the sound of itself being dragged across the ground. The beast was severely damaged during the making of the film.
Cold Papaya (2013, 7 minutes – live dance and live electronic noise sculptures)
By Neal Spowage and Danai Pappa
Performance for Speaker Bra with Wireless Shovel Controller
The sculpture is a response to Nam June Paik’s Television Bra, fused with a constructivist element that is a shovel. The bra is a construction; the shovel is a construction tool.
All welcome! Entry Free! [SE 30/04]

Meta-3 - MTI undergraduate and postgraduate performances!

Wednesday March 26th, 2014 
PACE Building, Richmond St., Leicester
PACE Studio 2, 6.00-7.00pm
Sam Topley presents a recent installation: e.e.c. (exploded electronic carillon) 
PACE Studio 1, 7.00pm
Current undergraduates Daniel Atherton, Sagnik Basu, Fren Panyawuthirkrai and Anuj Thaker are joined by researcher Si Waite and alumnus Mark Towers to present a concert which celebrates their musical activities on, on the cusp of, beyond, or surrounding their MTI studies. The programme includes:
Daniel Atherton - Little Sounds (voice and guitar)
Sagnik Basu - sarod improv
Fren Panyawuthikrai - Green Peace (fixed medium sound)
Mark Towers (alumnus) - live sequenced techno improv
Anuj Thaker - In The Dark (tabla & fixed medium sound)
Si Waite - instrumental/vocal performance with live electronics

All welcome! Entry Free!

Visible Bits, Audible Bytes at Phoenix Square 12th March

MTI’s annual audio-visual festival – a feast for ear and eye – everyone welcome!

Phoenix Cinema and Art Centre
4 Midland Street, Leicester, LE1 1TG
Box Office: 0116 242 2800

Wednesday 12th March 2014 3pm till late
Visible Bits, Audible Bytes
- a one day festival curated by Andrew Hill.

An award-winning sound and visual artist from Canada is coming to Leicester as part of a one day festival at Phoenix Cinema and Art Centre. Nicolas Bernier, from Montreal, Quebec will be launching an exhibition and performing at the Visible Bits, Audible Bytes festival on Wed 12th March.
Nicolas will be headlining the festival, fresh from being recognised as one of the finest artists in his field with the top prize at the prestigious Ars Electronica festival in Linz, Austria. Visible Bits, Audible Bytes also features talks and performances from a range of national and international artists, including Alo Allik, Ryo Ikeshiro, Thierry Gauthier, François Bayle and Piotr Kamler.
The event begins at 3pm and is completely free. Places can be booked via the Phoenix box office and website.
Nicolas’s exhibition Frequencies (a) will launch at the event and continue at Phoenix until the 22nd March. An installation of sound and light, the artwork merges the piercing hum of mechanically-triggered tuning forks with pure digital soundwaves. Streams of light burst in harmony with the forks, alternately illuminating the exhibition in stark white light and plunging it into complete darkness.

Programme for the day –
3pm – 3:30pm: Alo Allik
3:30 – 4pm: Ryo Ikeshiro - Audiovisualisation
4pm – 4:30pm: Paul Prudence
4:30 – 5pm: Nicholas Bernier – ‘Frequencies’ Series of Works
ca.5.00pm - opening of Bernier's Frequencies (a) installation in the DMU cube @ Phoenix
6.30-8.00pm Main Concert (Screen 2) – Audio-visual works
Len Lye - Colour Box
Thierry Gauthier - Portrait D’une Femme
Ryo Ikeshiro - Construction in Kneading
Norman McLaren - Begone Dull Care
François Bayle and Piotr Kamler - L'Expérience Acoustique: Métaphore + Lignes et points
Nicolas Bernier - Frequencies (Synthetic Variations)
From 9.00pm VJs in Bar
Alo Allik – VJ set
Paul Prudence - Transphormetic
Justin Bennett - Raw Materials

About the artists
Nicolas Bernier creates sound performances, installations, live electronics, and moving image. His sound is somewhere between the old and the new. It is electronic music made from objects of the past: typewriter, old machines, tuning forks, soundscape memories and musical instruments.
Estonian artist Alo Allik has performed his audio-visual works, compositions, eclectic DJ sets and live electronic music throughout the world. UK-based Japanese artist Ryo Ikeshiro’s works include live audio-visual performances, interactive installations, electronic music, and soundtracks.
Thierry Gauthier is a Canadian composer and visual artist with an experimental approach to composition. François Bayle, born in Madagascar, is one of the most distinguished living composers of electronic music, having headed the prestigious Groupe de Recherches Musicales from 1966-97. Piotr Kamler is a renowned Polish filmmaker known for his cutting edge work in animation.
[SE 27.02]

New Drum Kits

Good news! The drum kit in Queen's live room has been replaced with a Yahama drum set. The new kit expands the choices of toms, which can either flexibly be chosen in a standard kit or extended with extra toms.

An additional drum set has been stored at our loans facility, where it can be taken out by all Music, Technology and Innovation (MTI) as well as Music, Technology and Performance (MTP) and Audio Technology (ART) students.


Cultural Exchanges Festival - four music events! Wednesday and Thursday 19th-20th February

* Wednesday 19th February at 6 - 7pm Clephan 2.13, £5  (£3.50 Conc)
A talk by Dame Evelyn Glennie 'Striking Ahead' (note this is not a concert).
* Wednesday 19th February 7.30-9pm, PACE Studio 1, admission £4 (£2.50 Conc)
Playing Dirty: Live Electronic Music
DMU's Dirty Electronics Ensemble is joined by the Live Electronics Ensemble from the Royal College of Music, Stockholm, for a concert exploring large ensemble performance pieces for electronic music. The program will include original pieces and instruments specially created for the collaboration. Expect a thirty-strong 'tour de force' of buzzes and bleeps!
* Thursday 20th February 1 - 2pm, PACE Studio 1, admission free
A Life in Music: Richard Orton in Memoriam
Richard Orton was one of the great pioneers of British electronic and experimental music; he was founder and long time director of the York University studios and taught many of Britain's leading composers. This concert includes his classic music theatre work Mug Grunt - with guest appearances by Archer Endrich and Andrew Bentley who knew him well. DMU's John Richards studied with Orton and has created For Gentle Fire for this concert, based on Orton's work Kiss which is also performed.
* Thursday 20th February 7.30 - 8.45pm, Imaginary Soundscapes
PACE Studio 1, admission free
Leigh Landy's China/Music Old/New
John Young Forms of Space
Panos Amelides Golden Walnuts
Louise Rossiter's Sacred Voices.

Concert launching 2014 series - MANTIS - 15th January

Wednesday January 15th, 2014 7.00pm 
PACE, Studio 1

We welcome composers from MANTIS (Manchester Theatre in Sound). Part of an exchange between the MTIRC and the University of Manchester Music Department. A feast of surround sound on our purpose built multichannel system.
David Berezan - Buoy (2011), 9:40, 5.1 channels
Danny Saul - Frictions (Storms) (2013), 12:17, 8 channels
Brona Martin - A Bit Closer to Home (2013), 14:40, 10 channels
Constantin Popp - Triptych (2013), 15:00, 16 channels
David Berezan - Thumbs (2011), 11:00, 8 channels
CitizenUrge (aka Ricardo Climent) - Nancrillex (2013), 9:59, 2 channels
All welcome! Entry Free!

And – earlier: Research seminar: 1-3pm, DMU Clephan Building room 3.03 PhD students in electroacoustic music from the University of Manchester in an open discussion about their work: Danny Saul, Brona Martin and Constantin Popp. [SE 10.01.14]

Weiwei Jin Awarded Residency at Harvestworks, New York City

Doctoral student Weiwe Jin and collaborator Margaret Schedel have received a 2013/14 New Works Residency from Harvestworks, New York City. Residency recipients are commissioned to create a new work in the Harvestworks TEAM (Technology, Engineering, Art and Music) Lab. 

Jin and Schedel will develop The Self, a multimedia installation opera that takes the psychoactive drug Ayahuasca as a thread to reach into its three main characters: a retired US forest servicer, his wife and a Shaman. Based on a fragmented non-linear storytelling drama, created from elements of its situations and characters, and generated by the data of psychoactive drug modified neuronal activities, The Self has neither singers nor accompanying ensemble. It travels the space between an opera and an installation.

Founded as a not-for-profit organization by artists in 1977, Harvestworks has helped a generation of artists create new works using technology. Its mission is to support the creation and presentation of art works achieved through the use of new and evolving technologies.