Leigh Landy and MTI Concert at Musicacoustica, Beijing 2011

Leigh Landy performed in the opening concert at this year’s Musicacoustica 2011 festival in Beijing in October. A picture of Landy performing appeared in ‘China Daily’. He also presented an entire MTI concert at this festival.

Works by Bret Battey at The Big Screen Project, NYC

Bret Battey's audiovisual compositions Autarkeia Aggregatum and Mercurius featured over several weeks at the Big Screen Project in New York City, along with works by computer animation pioneer Larry Cuba and artist Makoto Yabuki. The 10,000-square foot outdoor multimedia venue in midtown Manhattan features a 30 x 16 ft. HD-format LED screen. The show was curated by Leaders in Software and Art.

Bret Battey - "Clonal Colonies" premieres in Delaware and NYC

Bret Battey's new audiovisual composition Clonal Colonies, a commission from New York's Avian Orchestra, was premiered by the ensemble in September in Delaware and at the The Cell, New York. The work is in two movements, for Pierrot ensemble, computer-realised sound, and video. A "clonal colony" is a group of genetically identical plants. Child plants are propagated by "runners" that emerge from a parent plant. This serves as an analogy to the "Variable-Coupled Map Networks" algorithm approach that Battey applied in composing the piece.