PACE 1, Wednesday December 4th, 7.00pm

Music, Technology and Innovation with
The Performance Research Group
From hypermedia to DIY

Contrasted works from DMU’s eclectic creators! A preview of Craig Vear’s new hypermedia concerto for Audrey Riley (cellist with the Merce Cunningham Company Ensemble). And two works from the Spowage/Pappa collaboration for DIY constructed instruments and dance.
Craig Vear Black Cats and Blues a hypermedia concerto for 'cello and digital technology, with Audrey Riley (cello).
Neal Spowage & Danai Pappa
Frozen Venus (2013) for six plungerphones with dance
Cold Papaya (2013) for speaker bra and wireless shovel controller with dance

And – earlier:
Research seminar: 1-2pm, DMU Clephan Building 0.19
Dr Craig Vear (DMU): Black Cats and Blues what is a hypermedia concerto?
All welcome! Entry Free!

John Young at Espace du Son, Brussels

Professor John Young will give two concerts at the Espace du Son Festival in Brussels in November, on the 54-channel acousmonium in the Théâtre Marni. One performance is devoted entirely to his own work and in second show he will present a recent work by Pete Batchelor alongside pieces he has selected by Brazilian and US composers. Other composers performing in the Festival are Åke Parmerud (Sweden), Flo Menezes (Brazil) and Yves Daoust (Québec).

Neal Spowage The Big 30 to Miami New Media Festival

PhD student Neal Spowage was invited to devise and perform alongside dancers, choreographers and musicians including Reynaldo Young, Petra Soor, Annelie Nederberg and Antonio De La Fe at an event curated by Agony Art to celebrate 30 years of experimental dance at Chisenhale Dance Space on Friday, 18th October, 2013 at Chisenhale Dance Space, London.

The event was called There may be Trouble Ahead and was transmitted live for the Miami New Media Festival, via Skype. The feed was displayed / projected real time at Hardcore Contemporary Art Miami and simultaneously re-transmitted through the LiveStream Chanel set for this event; the same feed was also transmitted by Hoeksteen Live.

Audiovisual Concert and Seminar

Tuesday 5 November in PACE Studio 1, 7pm, MTI welcomes visiting Argentine composer Prof. Raúl Minsburg (National University of Lanús and National University of Tres de Febrero, Buenos Aires) who will present his large-scale audiovisual work reflecting on the personal and cultural experience of memory and the human condition: La Memoria del Tiempo, co-authored with video artist Nicolás Testoni.
See a preview at

This is followed on Wednesday 6 November, in Queen's 1.12, 1-2pm when Prof. Minsburg will present a talk From Texture to Form’—a discussion of issues in the creation and reception in electroacoustic music.

MTIRC Research Seminar, 30 October, 2013

Wednesday 30 October, 1 – 2.50pm, Music, Technology and Innovation Research Centre (Clephan 0.19)
        ** Please note alternative venue for this week**
Weiwei Jin: A New Opera: Mantegh-O Teyr—The logic of Journey for the Self in The Conference of the Birds.
Marinos Giannoukakis: Musica Universalis: Towards a universal description of a software framework model for art performances—dissecting the project and progress so far.  This project utilizes 3D game engines with real time audio for performance, using different gesture controllers and joysticks, multi-channel sound and the use of cinematic techniques in real time. 
Jack Richardson: Recognition in Sound-Based Artistic Composition: Increasing access through facilitation, understanding and the recognition of sound as music.

Panos Amelides at Medea Electronique Koumaria 2013

MTIRC PhD student Panos Amelides has been awarded a Koumaria Residency by the artist's collective Medea Electronique to create a site-specific sound installation on an organic olive-oil farm in the Greek countryside, close to a small village near Sparta.  The ten-day experimental art residency will culminate in early November with a performance of a new work by Panos, in which life experiences and memories of workers on the farm will be recorded and recontextualised in the olive grove itself.

John Young at Espace du Son, Brussels

Prof. John Young will give two concerts at the Espace du Son Festival in Brussels in November, on the 54-channel acousmonium in the Théâtre Marni. One performance is devoted entirely to his own work and in second show he will present a recent work by Pete Batchelor alongside pieces he has selected by Brazilian and US composers. Other composers performing in the Festival are Åke Parmerud (Sweden), Flo Menezes (Brazil) and Yves Daoust (Québec).

Concert Wednesday 23rd October - MTI Launch Party 2 & Research Seminar

Wednesday October 23rd, 2013 7.00pm
Simon Atkinson Three Modulations for Mute Synth II (multi-speaker diffusion)
Amit D Patel aka Dushume-Svaramaya Bass In The Pace.... (bespoke instruments create noise beneath the surface)
Ben Ramsay Flinch-Rest (multi-speaker diffusion)
John Richards Mute Synth live (with Dirty Electronics)
All welcome! Free! [SE]

1-2pm Queens Building Room 1.12 - research seminar -
Neal Spowage (DMU, PhD candidate): 'The Speaker Bra and Wireless Shovel Controller'— This paper was recently presented to the Fascinate Conference at Falmouth University discussing sound, the body, democratic roles and physical objects.

Ben Ramsay (Staffordshire University and DMU PhD candidate): ‘Fixing the live, “Living” the fixed.’

Leicester Media School - Music, Technology and Innovation New Media Events 2013-2014 - Launch Party Events

The Music, Technology and Innovation Department and Research Centre launch the public events of the Leicester Media School with two showcases of their wide ranging recent creative output. These two concerts cover audio, audio-visual, dirty electronics, surround sound immersion and much more … on PACE 1’s purpose built multichannel system. It’s a party - come along – free!

Wednesday October 9th, 2013 7.00pm
PACE Building, Studio 1, Richmond St., Leicester
Pete Batchelor Kaleidoscope: Cycle - Pulse + Fuse (8 channel surround sound)
Louise Rossiter SiO2 (8 channel surround sound)
Louise Rossiter/Andrew Connor Teahouse Memories (audio-visual)
John Young 5 Versions of Reality (multi-speaker diffusion)

Wednesday October 23rd, 2013 7.00pm
PACE Building, Studio 1, Richmond St., Leicester
Simon Atkinson Three Modulations for Mute Synth II (multi-speaker diffusion)
Amit D Patel aka Dushume-Svaramaya Bass In The Pace.... (bespoke instruments create noise beneath the surface)
Ben Ramsay Flinch-Rest (multi-speaker diffusion)
John Richards Mute Synth live (with Dirty Electronics)

Chloe Cutler Recipient of DMU Creative Thinking Award

Chloe Cutler, an MA by Research student in the MTIRC, has just been awarded DMU prestigious Creative Thinking Award for her project The Tono: Enhanced Learning with an Innovative Instrument in Key Stage 2 and 3 Music Education. As part of her MA, Cutler designed and constructed a custom electronic handheld instrument to take into the classroom to teach students about making sound-based (as distinct from note-based) music. The classroom placements have been highly successful, with very positive feedback from students and teachers alike. Particularly notable was the fact that some students who have not responded strongly to traditional music instruction in the past seemed to respond enthusiastically to instruction with the Tono. Cutler has been granted £3000 to develop her project further.

Sponsored by Toby Moores, CEO of, The Creative Thinking Awards were established to recognise exceptional levels of creative, novel, original, and inventive thinking.This year the £10,000 prize was shared between three winners who came up with ideas which connected two or more disciplines to come up with creative and unique ideas.

Neal Spowage - Speaker Bra and Wireless Shovel Controller at Falmouth

Doctoral Student Neal Spowage will premier his brand new work Cold Papaya on 28th August at the Fascinate Conference, in the The Performance Centre at Falmouth University. He will also give a paper and a demonstration for his new sculptural wearable instrument The Speaker Bra and Wireless Shovel Controller for which Cold Papaya is a vehicle.

Cold Papaya is a part of Neal's PhD portfolio and ongoing collaboration with choreographer Danai Pappa.

"Cold Papaya (Neal Spowage and Danai Pappa) explores dual relationships and erotic humour in live electronic music. The instrument used in this performance is in two parts, one is a bra and one is a shovel. By dividing kinesthetic source bonding into two distinct focal points, we explore love in a story of horror and dark humour that describes a balance of power, loss, sex and confusion between performers. This wearable instrument, and the performance piece are a mirror for both the artist, and the audience. How important is touch, sound, an object and the sexual power of the human body?"

Luca Forcucci: UCLA Future Lab and more…

Doctoral student Luca Forcucci will present his work in October as part of the UCLA Future Lab and discuss issues on Sonic Arts and Architecture. Also in October, he will present a concert at the 15th International Festival for New Media Culture  Art+Communication 2013 / Riga / Latvia.

He has also recently presented work at the Ionian University in Corfu, Greece, the Swatch Art Peace Hotel during the Biennale of Venice, the “Hörraum:Atmosphären” within “Kultur:Stadt exhibition” at the Akademie der Künste / Berlin / Germany and UNESP / University of Sao Paulo / Brazil.

"Abstracted Journeys" at London Contemporary Music Festival

A composition by recent PhD graduate Andrew Hill, Abstracted Journeys, has been programmed for the penultimate concert of the London Contemporary Music Festival, on August the 4th. []

Listen to the work here:

Symposium 4: Thursday 11th July 2013 ‘Building communities, changing needs, ongoing work’

As part of the AHRC funded project ‘New Multimedia Tools for Electroacoustic Music Analysis’ directed by Simon Emmerson and Leigh Landy (Music, Technology and Innovation Research Centre, De Montfort University, Leicester) – and hosted by the Faculty of Art, Design and Humanities at DMU.
Location: Clephan Building, Bonners Lane, De Montfort University, Leicester LE1 9BH (Room 0.01)
Time: 10.30-17.00
Chairs: Simon Emmerson, Michael Gatt
Invited guest contributors: Michael Clarke, Frédéric Dufeu, Trevor Wishart
10.30/10.45-11.00 coffee and introduction
11.00-12.00 ‘New Multimedia Tools for Electroacoustic Music Analysis’ (1)
- Simon Emmerson (DMU) – Achievements of the project and future possibilities
- Mike Gatt (DMU) - The OREMA project and the eOREMA journal: update and future developments
12.00-12.45 - Michael Clarke and Frédéric Dufeu (Huddersfield) –
'An Introduction to the TIAALS software (Tools for Interactive Aural Analysis)'
(part of TaCEM - Technology and Creativity in Electroacoustic Music – an AHRC funded joint Huddersfield/Durham project).
12.45-14.00 - Lunch
14.00-15.30 Open Forum: Trevor Wishart’s Globalalia – analytical approaches
Led by Michael Gatt including contributions from –
Trevor Wishart, Kevin Dahan, Weiwei Jin, Cormac Gould, Ambrose Seddon
15.30-15.45 - Tea/coffee
15.45-16.30 ‘New Multimedia Tools for Electroacoustic Music Analysis’ (2)
Pierre Couprie (DMU): EAnalysis software: update and demonstration
16.30-17.00 -
Questions & discussion
Open Forum output possibilities (OREMA, eOREMA).
Everyone welcome!
Your participation in this Symposium presupposes your consent to it being video and audio recorded.
Your contact: Simon Emmerson -

Neal Spowage at Music and/as Process Huddersfield

Photo Credit - Rebecca Carter
Postgraduate student Neal Spowage has just presented Frozen Venus to delegates at the Music and/as Process Symposium at the University of Huddersfield on 30th July 2013.

Frozen Venus is a performance work that demonstrates six new Plungerphone electronic instruments. It explores them using a series of states that involve grouping power, leadership, control and support. The intention of the performance is to demonstrate how controlling and manipulating others has a dark ambition. It hovers between intimacy and opposition. Not necessarily political, but rather social and humanistic, we project a symmetry where every dynamic component is shadowed by dark comedy. 

Louise Rossiter Selected for Weimar Workshop

Doctoral student Louise Rossiter has been selected as one of eight participants in a four-day workshop at the Studio für elektroakustische Musik at the Hochschule für Musik Franz Liszt, Weimar.

The jury selected the following eight composers to attend the workshop and present their work in Weimar.  The event is organised by Robin Minard and will include tuition from Francis Dhomont. One person will be selected at the end for a 3-month residency at the Hochschule.

Adam Basanta : Canada
Robert Bentall : Ireland
Ana Dall'Ara-Majek : Canada
Takuto Fukuda : Japan / Austria
Simon Pérez : Argentina
Martine Louise Rossiter : UK
Sam Salem : UK
Dimetrio Savva : Cyprus / UK

Dirty Electronics with the Royal Academy of Music

Tuesday 25 June @ The Forge, Camden, London
Main Room
7:00 PM
Price: £9/7 online; £10/8 on the door

Superconducting looks at the bare bones of electronic sound through the construction of DIY pick-ups, amplifiers and paper loudspeakers, and how these, what could be considered, raw materials can be explored through composition and performance. The piece also looks at the intersection between electronic and acoustic sound, and mechanical processes and performance. Copper coils and magnets are used to create, not only pick-ups, but also vibration speakers that are attached to large sheets of paper that resonate. Preparing the paper - dampening, using different sizes, shapes and positions in the room - produces a range of timbres and sound characteristics. The transistor is also explored as the basic building block for an amplifier.

Dirty Electronics Sonar 20th Anniversary Synth

John Richards and MTI post-graduate Jim Frize have created a hand-held synth for Sonar International Festival of Advanced Music and New Media Art. The Dirty Electronics Sonar 20th Anniversary Synth is an ultra minimal pocket-sized synth, black finished with silver-plated etched Sonar logo. The synth is a analogue digital hybrid that comes with pre-written sequenced patterns that can be either listened to in their own right or ‘played’ (mashed-up, parts of the sequence looped, tempo changed, noise and feedback added, etc.). The synth is played by running fingers across the letters of the Sonar logo. Bit bashing meets analogue noise and crumpled grooves.

Workshops were held over a weekend at the new Sonar by Day venue where over a hundred people took part in building the synth with large audiences watching and listening to the results. Sonar saw a record breaking number of 120,000 attendees at the Festival along with a headline performance from Kraftwerk.