MTI's John Young keynote @ CRiSAP's 'Audio Testimonies Symposium', July 2-3

MTI²'s Prof. John Young is one of the invited keynote speakers at the Audio Testimonies Symposium, organised by CRiSAP (Creative Research into Sound Arts Practice) at the University of the Arts London, which will take place this week Thursday July 2nd and Friday July 3rd:

"An online Symposium organised in collaboration with Emerge, Bournemouth University, led by Dr Thomas Gardner  and Dr Panos Amelidis

2 & 3 July 2020, 10:00 – 17:00 BST

This symposium considers the place of Audio Testimonies in artistic practice, and will explore the ways in which artists use sound to enable new forms of testimony, and create new artistic configurations, which engage public consciousness. 

Key note speakers: Amy Wlodarski and John Young

Audio Testimonies aims to open a discussion on this topic and form the start of a network which will continue exploration of these themes. It will do so through a two days of presentations focusing on particular works and via a social activity of collectively making audio testimony."

This event is part of 'Un-Earthed: A  festival of listening and environment':

"A critical celebration of our relationships with the environments that we share with other people and other species.

An ongoing series of events inviting both serious and more playful interrogations of current sound and listening practices and how they might help us reconsider our evolving relationships with other species, the built environment, truth and each other."

Today! MTI's Anna Xambó gives keynote @ SMC 2020

MTI's Anna Xambó will be giving a keynote TODAY, Wednesday June 24th, at the 2020 Sound and Music Computing conference, which this year is taking place online:

The conference runs from June 24th to 26th - full programme available here:

Anna's keynote will be on the topic 'Collaborative/Participatory Music Experiences: A Dialogue Between SMC and HCI':

"Music has been a topic of inspiration in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) since its beginning in the 1970s-1980s. SMC has borrowed HCI methods and theories as part of its agenda since its inception. In this keynote presentation, I will reflect on how HCI has inspired my SMC work, focusing on the creation of new collaborative and participatory experiences for music performance. I will present several projects that showcase different interaction approaches to digital musical instrument design: tangible, mobile, wearable, and laptop-based interactions. In turn, I will discuss the implications for the two fields. Looking forward, we will see how both fields are evolving rapidly and adapting to new socio-technical changes, such as the control of AI, the ubiquitous digital interfaces, and the worldwide hyper-connectivity, to name a few. I will consider how these transformations are shaping new music experiences for collaboration and participation, as well as the potential synergies with HCI perspectives that incorporate ideas from feminism, decolonisation, and sustainability, among others."

This Friday: MTI postgrad Sam Topley @ 'CEREMONY: Observances in Sound & Vision'

This Friday June 26th MTI postgrad Sam Topley will be participating in the Digital Arts Leicester 2020 event 'CEREMONY : observances in sound & vision':

This curated event features Leicester-based musicians and visual artists, with performance and discussion of new work made exclusively for Digital Arts Leicester 2020.

Sam will be sharing some of the projects she has been developing at home during lockdown.

Friday June 26th 2020
8pm Stream + Live Chat
(Please sign up for 'ticket' on FB for link details)

Sam Topley is a sound artist from Leicester, UK. She works with textiles to create new electronic musical instruments and interactive sound art work. For Digital Arts Leicester, Sam will present and demonstrate her latest projects in development, including a pompom musical instruments and interactive embroidery.

MTI undergrad alum Connor Snape wins @ 2020 RTS Student Awards

MTI undergrad alumnus Connor Snape has won the award for 'Craft Skills: Sound' at the 2020 Royal Television Society (RTS) Student Awards, for the short film 'Paranoia', which he worked on in collaboration with DMU Animation student Katherine Lindhorst as part of his final year of studies:

"Paranoia is a body, surreal and psychological horror animation following a woman and her descent into madness after she discovers she is being secretly watched in her home."

'Nocturne' feat. MTI's Simon Atkinson @ Screen Dance Scotland, Sat. June 20th

'Nocturne', a dance film collaboration between Kerry Francksen, Laura McGregor, and MTI's Simon Atkinson, will be screened online on Saturday June 20th at 5pm, as part of the UK Awards Screening at Screen Dance Scotland's 2020 Festival:

"Embraced by sound and obscured by a sense of infinite darkness, the form of the dancer’s body slowly becomes visible as she begins to move closer to the edges of the light. Absorbed by the physicality of her movements, she is gradually illuminated in warmth as she teeter’s at the borders of our worlds."

MTI alumnus Amit Patel performs in IKLECTIK's [off-site] series

MTI alumnus & adjunct Amit Patel recently performed as part of IKLECTIK's [off-site] series, which can be viewed online here:

"Dushume - Lockdown Noise

Undisturbed, mangled and discarded recordings from the archives will be unearthed to coalesce with thumping and erratic grooves of the Radical Nails sound-making object. Sounds will cook through extreme live performance, and by improvising with the studio recordings/turntables through ad-hoc extended DJ techniques. Extensive re-editing approaches of sounds from a range of differing spectrums are intertwined and mashed-up; expect a buffet of experimental harsh sounds, pulses, noise, drones, clicks, rhythms and bass. Fundamentally, anticipating the result in form of a mixtape to reference and playback on demand at a later date."

Sound Junction online, featuring MTI alumna Louise Rossiter

Back in April, the University of Sheffield Sound Studios were ahead of the curve and moved their spring Sound Junction concert online. The results were a great success, and included works by MTI alumna & adjunct Louise Rossiter, as well as USSS stars including Adrian Moore, Adam Stanović, Chris Bevan, Dimitrios Savva, and plenty more.

The concert remains online, for your listening pleasure: