John Young Awarded the Euphonie D'or

John Young has been awarded a prestigious Euphonie d’Or by the International Competition for Electroacoustic Music of Bourges. The award was made for his electroacoustic radio documentary Ricordiamo Forlì, which gained first prize in the competition on 2007. The competition, which ran between 1973 and 2009, was one of the world’s most significant forums for electroacoustic music until the closing of the Centre which hosted it—the Institut International de Musique Electroacoustique de Bourges (IMEB). Euphonies d’Or awards have been made on two past occasions and are selected from the works previously awarded prizes in the competition. 35 in total have been awarded over the years, representing one work for each year of the competition’s history, which, in the words of the IMEB, “represent particularly brilliant moments in the history of electroacoustic music.” Ricordiamo Forlì  is published by Montréal-based empreintes DIGITALes and Mnémosyne.
The first outcome of the collaborative agreement between the MTI and the CEPSA Research Group at the National University of Argentina, Lanús UNLa) is the publication of the very first edition of their publication series, jointly edited by Raúl Minsburg and Leigh Landy. “En el Límite” includes four MTI articles (in Spanish) and can be downloaded here.