MTI Events launch with two concerts of new work

We welcome new members of the growing Music, Technology & Innovation Research Centre team in two concerts to open the 2012-2013 season – a feast of acousmatic surround sound, audio-visual & generative music.

Wednesday October 24th  7.30pm PACE Studio 1  – MTI Team Concert 1

John Young - Tongue (acousmatic) 
Craig Vear - Five Antarctic Solitudes (audio-visual)
Pete Batchelor - Nebula (acousmatic)
Ben Ramsay - The Batteries Of Orchards (acousmatic)
Luca Forcucci - L'Ecume des Jours (acousmatic)
Si Waite - Columns, rows and collisions: an interactive-generative piece for layered, grid-based systems (live laptop and controllers with projected visuals) 
(Note slightly later start time for this concert!)

Wednesday November 7th  7pm PACE Studio 1  – MTI Team Concert 2

Simon Atkinson - Interiorities vi (acousmatic)
Louise Rossitter - Culture Shock (acousmatic)
Andrew Hill - New work (acousmatic)
Bret Battey - Clonal Colonies (I – Fast Runners; II – Soft Strata) (audio-visual)
Weiwei Jin - La solidificacion de la memoria (acousmatic)

Entry Free!