Simon Emmerson featured guest at BEAST FEaST 2020, & MTI alumni

MTI's Prof. Simon Emmerson was the featured guest at BEAST FEaST 2020.

This year's BEAST FEaST moved online due to the shutdown, with concerts etc. streaming online, much of which is now available for your listening pleasure:

Info & concert programmes:

Conversation with Simon Emmerson & Christopher Haworth:

Concerts for playback:

Concert 1 includes Simon Emmerson's 'Memory Machine', as well as work by MTI alumnus Andrew Knight-Hill:

Concert 2 featured Simon Emmerson's 'Wind, Clouds, Showers'.

Concert 4 includes Simon Emmerson's 'Aeolian':

Concert 5 includes the latest work by MTI alumnus & adjunct Rick Nance, 'Tearing Up':

Concert 6 includes the latest work by MTI alumna Louise Rossiter, 'Neuronen':

Concert 8 includes MTI alumnus Dushume's 'Goaersing':

Now available online: Simon Emmerson on BBC Radio 3

Simon Emmerson's appearance on BBC Radio 3's New Music Show this past Saturday May 16th is now available for listening online, until June 13th:

This includes an interview with Robert Worby, as well as three of Emmerson's works:

'Ophelia's Dream II'
'Piano Piece IV'
'Stringscape' well as works by James Tenney, Roger Smalley, Georges Aphergis, and plenty more.

Sat. May 16th: Simon Emmerson on Radio 3

MTI's Prof. Simon Emmerson was interviewed recently by Robert Worby for the New Music Show on Radio 3, which will be broadcast tomorrow Saturday May 16th at 22:00 - do tune in: