This Friday Sept. 8th: Across Reality - Mixed Reality Musical Instrument in Design and Ensemble

Rob Chafer and Anna Xambó would like to invite all interested to the following seminar on Friday 8th September 2023, 14:00 – 15:00 in PACE (PA0.01a), DMU PACE Building:

Title: Across Reality: Mixed Reality Musical Instrument in Design and Ensemble
Day: Friday 8th September 2023
Time: 2 pm – 3 pm (UK time)
Venue: PACE (PA0.01a), DMU PACE Building

Recent commercial mixed-reality computers present opportunities for natural gestural control in three dimensions, particularly when using hand-tracking in a creative interface. Existing musical interfaces with head-mounted displays often depend on dedicated input devices that are not designed specifically for musical gestures and may not support appropriate interactions. We are yet to see widespread adoption of freehand-enabled mixed reality musical instruments. Furthermore, a significant constraint of this type of instrument is the visibility issue within digital music ensembles, which can limit their ability to collaborate effectively.
In this talk, I’ll first present an authentic mixed reality musical instrument designed through a first-person autobiographical approach. I’ll then share an ongoing work aimed at supporting electronic musicians in a digital musical ensemble mediated by a mixed reality interface. 

Yichen Wang (she/her) is a PhD researcher in the Sound, Music and Creative Computing lab at the Australian National University. Her research combines augmented reality and human-computer interaction with artistic practice in new musical interface and expression design and collaboration. Yichen has been performing with her mixed reality musical instrument isometric-sen since 2022, including at Electronique Canberra, OzCHI2022 and NIME2023 music track. 

Personal website:  

Note: This session will not be video streamed/video recorded.