New Work by John Young selected for AKOUSMAtique Competition, Montréal

John Young’s most recent work Le Chant en dehors (2022), realised in an 18-channel surround-sound ‘dome’ format, has been selected as a finalist in the AKOUSMAtique Montréal international competition, part of the Akousma Festival of Immersive Digital Music. Three finalists have been selected anonymously by a jury from 50 international submissions: the two other finalists are Nicola Giannini (Italy) and Panayiotis Kokoras (Greece). The finalists will spatialise their works in a concert in the Multimedia Room of the McGill University-based Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Music, Media and Technology on 14 October 2022. Two prizes will be awarded: the  Francis-Dhomont prize (chosen by the jury) and the Micheline Coulombe-Saint-Marcoux prize (chosen by the public).