International Women's Day 2022 at MTI2


We are happy to be part of the International Women's Day global celebrations to annually commemorate the women's cultural, political and socio-economic achievements as well as to raise awareness of the women's rights movement.

Today the MTI2 is involved with / contributes to the following activities:

LIVECODERA: a global live coding community gathering on International Women's day from 12:00 (GMT+1)


A global gathering of women livecoders, both musicians and visualists, who will be showcasing their work as well as organising open jams and talks. The space can be experienced on YouTube at or on Mozilla Hubs at The lively flyer has been designed by Flor de Fuego and Joana Chicau using Olivia Jack's Hydra and is adapted from Lynn Randolph's 1989 painting "Cyborg", used in Donna Haraway's book cover of "Cyborgs and Women: The Reinvention of Nature".

Emerging Audio Technologies by Dr. Rebecca Stewart at 15.00 (GMT)

Dr. Rebecca Stewart from Imperial College London will be giving the inaugural talk "Audio Threads: physical interfaces and interactions with audio using textiles" at 15.00 GMT as part of the Careers in Music and Audio Technology series curated by Dr. Sven-Amin Lembke

Abstract: Digital audio allows for the separation of the mechanism generating sound from the device controlling the parameters defining it. We have become accustomed to controllers consisting of plastic boxes with dials and faders, but what if we broadened the materials used to include fabric and thread? This talk will introduce the intersection of audio and electronic textiles (e-textiles) and discuss how we can construct new audio interactions.

Bio: Dr Becky Stewart is a lecturer in the Dyson School of Design Engineering at Imperial College London where she researches body-centric technologies centred around e-textiles and audio interfaces. She completed her PhD with the Centre for Digital Music at Queen Mary, University of London in 2010, her MSc in Music Technology from the University of York in 2006, and BM in Music Engineering Technology and Computer Science from the University of Miami in 2005. Before returning to academia in 2015 she co-founded Codasign, an arts technology education company which led technology workshops with creative institutions. Throughout her career she has been working to make technical topics like coding and electronics accessible to those trained in the creative industries.

female:pressure IWD 2022 playlist curated by Ana Maria Romano

Ana Maria Romano is a Colombian composer and interdisciplinary sound artist. Her creative interests centre around acoustic and electroacoustic media and participation in interdisciplinary projects involving contemporary dance, videodance, performance and live arts. Her creative interests stem from the intersection of gender, sound and technology, listening, soundscape, noise, experimentation, improvisation, cyberspace, body and the political dimension of the creative. Ana Maria Romano has carefully curated a playlist for female::pressure.

Founded by Vienna based Electric Indigo in 1998, female:pressure is a transnational online database and network of more than 2800 women*, AFAB, transgender, transfeminine, transmasculine, intersex [+gender optional], genderqueer, gender nonconforming, a-gender and/or non-binary DJs, musicians, composers, producers, visual artists, agents, journalists and researchers working in the realms of electronic music and visual arts. 

The link to the playlist will be provided as soon as the playlist is published.