A Full Weekend of BEAST @ Centrala Concerts


This weekend starting from today, Friday 11th March, there are a series of concerts at Centrala in Birmingham.

The show will be kicking off on Friday at 7.30pm with immersive performances by Milad K. Mardakheh and Anna Xambó Sedó. The evening will also feature short performances by BEAST MA composers: Henry Eady, Michael Ryan, Joshua Dowling and Sam Bland.

On Saturday there will be two more concerts. On Saturday at 7pm the improvising laptop trio, Raw Green Rust formed by Jules Rawlinson, Owen Green and Dave Murray-Rust will serve up humorous abstract glitch-dub from promiscuous audio processing. On Saturday at 8.30pm there will be a performance featuring Dushume (Amit D. Patel), Maria Witek and Jake Williams.

The full weekend ticket to the three concerts as part of BEAST @ Centrala can be found at: https://bit.ly/3hvmN50

Do come along!