Luigi Russolo Competition Finals Concert @ DMU / Talk @ Phoenix

On 26 September, DMU will host a free concert of electroacoustic music featuring the finalist pieces in the 2023 Luigi Russolo Competition for Electroacoustic Music.  Former winner and current director of the Russolo competition, Philippe Blanchard, will give a talk on the father of noise music, Luigi Russolo, at 6pm at the Phoenix Cinema and Arts Centre (Phoenix Square, 4 Midland St, Leicester).  This talk will explore Russolo’s work and his influence on the Italian Futurist movement. It will also explore the role of evolving technology in the acousmatic repertoire—from Russolo’s intonarumori (noise makers) to the present day. The talk will be of interest to anyone interested in the history of electronic music and alternative performance. 

The concert, in surround audio, will follow at 7.30pm in PACE Studio 1, Richmond Street, DMU Admission is free for both events.