John Young and Lala Meredith-Vula in collaboration

Prof. John Young has been collaborating with Prof. Lala Meredith-Vula (of the DMU Arts, Design and Humanities Faculty) to create a soundscape for her solo exhibition What I didn’t know I knew... which will be on show at the Gallery of the Ministry of Culture in Prishtina, Kosova.  The exhibition is curated by Edi Muka and runs from 6 April to 6 June this year.  What I didn’t know I knew... consists of the sculptural installation and a digitally projected continuous flow of images taken from the many different human themes contained within Meredith-Vula’s significant body of photographic work.  The video stream was created by Jim Boulton, also in Arts, Design and Humanities, and the sculptural installation consists of a haystack reflecting one of the striking themes in Meredith-Vula’s photography. John's soundscape provides a connecting naturalistic sound world for the exhibition and is diffused through the gallery.  This is the second collaboration between these two artists, having previously worked together to create a film Are You Everybody? integrating Meredith-Vula’s photographic study of post war Kosova and Young's electroacoustic work Lamentations.