Prof Landy CMMAS Commission Presentation

Prof. Leigh Landy will be featured at the 2023 Visiones Sonoras 19 festival in Morelia Mexico (6-10 March 2023) hosted by CMMAS, the Mexican Centre for Music and Sonic Arts, this year focused on the theme of Sound, Environment and Climate Change.

He will present his latest work, commissioned by CMMAS, the 7th in his Radio Series entitled ‘Aplican Términos y Condiciones’ (Terms and Conditions Apply) using over 50 Mexican radio broadcasts as source material, an 8-channel composition. He will give a talk entitled ‘Art for Life’s Sake’ and a two-day workshop entitled ‘ Making Music with the Sounds of Our Ecological Environment’. The festival has received funding from the British Council this year and, therefore, a number of British electroacoustic music specialists will also be participating.