MTI alumna Louise Rossiter @ Ciclo de Música Electroacústica UACh 2020

MTI² alumna & adjunct Louise Rossiter's 2020 work 'Synapse' was performed earlier this summer at Ciclo de Música Electroacústica UACh 2020 in Chile, in a concert that is available for listening online:

"Synapse is the fifth work completed as part of the Der Industriepalast suite, and is based upon Fritz Kahn’s infographic titled ‘Is the nervous system an electrical system?” (1939). The infographic represents the function of a synapse – the structure that permits a neuron to pass an electrical or chemical signal to another neuron or target cell. In his infographic, Kahn compares the synapse to an electrical generator– highly appropriate given the function of synapses in generating electricity, and transporting it around the body through neuro-transmission."