MTI alumnus Amit Patel performs in IKLECTIK's [off-site] series

MTI alumnus & adjunct Amit Patel recently performed as part of IKLECTIK's [off-site] series, which can be viewed online here:

"Dushume - Lockdown Noise

Undisturbed, mangled and discarded recordings from the archives will be unearthed to coalesce with thumping and erratic grooves of the Radical Nails sound-making object. Sounds will cook through extreme live performance, and by improvising with the studio recordings/turntables through ad-hoc extended DJ techniques. Extensive re-editing approaches of sounds from a range of differing spectrums are intertwined and mashed-up; expect a buffet of experimental harsh sounds, pulses, noise, drones, clicks, rhythms and bass. Fundamentally, anticipating the result in form of a mixtape to reference and playback on demand at a later date."