MTI activities this month in Mexico

Head of the Institute, Leigh Landy, is in Mexico City this month, for a range of activities including:

- A solo concert and three talks at CMMAS (Mexican Centre for Music & the Sonic Arts), in Morelia:

- A meeting with the Dean of Music and Head of Music Technology at UNAM (the National Autonomous University of Mexico) in Mexico City, to discuss a new collaborative agreement with MTI². UNAM has courses at all levels in Mexico City, as well as postgraduate courses led by CMMAS.

- Co-directing this year's Electroacoustic Music Studies conference at UNAM, Mexico City.
This will include two talks, along with MTI's James Andean, on our planned ‘Sensing Sounds’ project.
The event will also include the launch announcement for EMS20, which will take place at the MTI² in June 2020 - stay tuned for more info!