Telematic Hacking - 2nd exposition: Photos

A few photos from the Leicester UK end of the 2nd 'Telematic Hacking' event, April 18th 2018:

Artists include: Network Ensemble, Tim Shaw, Aram Bartholl, Dirty Electronics, Tim Ward, Yiannis Kotsonis, Robert Chafer.

Video of the Livestream is available here:

"A group of leading artists exploring the materiality of the Net meet in a telematic room. Over a series of meetings a new work emerges. Tools and hardware hacks to sound the network are investigated. The devising is ‘televised’ online and the telepresent audience is invited to make their own ‘instrument’ for performance. The telematic meetings coalesce in exposition events at a set time and physical location."

'Telematic Hacking' is part of the Interfaces Network project, in partnership with the ╬čnassis Cultural Centre Athens, and supported by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union.