Second program dedicated to MTI on Amsterdam's 'Concertzender' radio's 'Electronic Frequencies'

The second episode of radio series 'Electronic Frequencies' on Amsterdam 'Concertzender' radio to be dedicated to MTI airs Wednesday March 28th at 23:00:

Works by Leigh Landy, Simon Emmerson, Pete Bachelor, Simon Atkinson, Steve Jones, Amit Patel/Dushume, & Dave Holland.

Concerzender - Electronic Frequencies 2018.03.28 23:00 C.E.T.: DMU II. The second of a series about sound art and music from the Music, Technology and Innovation Research Centre of De Montfort University. Composers in this program are: Dave Holland, Leigh Landy, Simon Emmerson, Steve Jones, Amit Patel-Dushume, Pete Batchelor and Simon Atkison.

Today's music of the composers in order of appearance:

1/ Taligare, by Dave Holland
2/ To BBC or Not, by Leigh Landy: Good Morning
3/ Aeolian, by Simon Emmerson
4/ To BBC or Not, by Leigh Landy: The News
5/pasCher, by Steve Jones
6/ To BBC or Not, by Leigh Landy: A microphone each and no idea what they’re going to say
7/ Crapbox, by Amit Patel - Dushume
8/ To BBC or Not, by Leigh Landy: Musica Nova
9/ Fuse, by Pete Bachelor
10/ To BBC or Not, by Leigh Landy: Etc.
11/ Nocturne, by Simon Atkinson