MTI Wins Funding for Cultural Projects with Onassis Cultural Centre, IRCAM, ZKM + others

Compose With Sounds (
The MTI has just been informed that the large proposal, hosted by the Onassis Cultural Centre in Athens and including 8 partners including IRCAM and ZKM for €3.8 million has not only been one of the fifteen successful projects, but also gained the highest mark this year within the Creative Europe scheme. This 3-1/2 year initiative includes dozens of cultural actions of which ten will be led by the MTI. Its focus is to make innovative forms of new music, in our case those involving technology, accessible to new audiences.

The MTI’s initiatives cover areas ranging from electroacoustic music in general to DIY approaches, sound art, telematic as well as live and mediated performance. Community and pedagogical initiatives will include further developments of EARS 2 and Compose with Sounds and DIY workshops. Research hubs will be created regarding international initiatives in community music (including an international conference) and reception of new music by new audiences throughout Europe. The MTI is to receive 14% of the project funding.