'Expanding the Horizon of Electroacoustic Music Analysis' Released

‘Expanding the Horizon of Electroacoustic Music Analysis’

Edited by Simon Emmerson and Leigh Landy

A new publication, edited by two MTI professors, has just been released via Cambridge University Press. Authors include Raúl Minsburg, John Young, Micheal Young, Ambrose Seddon, Katharine Norman and many more!


Innovations in music technology bring with them a new set of challenges for describing and understanding the electroacoustic repertoire. This edited collection presents a state-of-the art overview of analysis methods for electroacoustic music in this rapidly developing field. The first part of the book explains the needs of differing electroacoustic genres and puts forward a template for the analysis of electroacoustic music. Part two discusses the latest ideas in the field and the challenges associated with new technologies. Part three explores how analyses have harnessed the new forces of multimedia and includes an introduction to the new software program EAnalysis, which was created by the editors as the result of an Arts and Humanities Research Council grant. The final part of the book demonstrates these new methods in action, with analyses of key electroacoustic works from a wide range of genres and sources.

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