James Kelly: Vinyl Record Cutting as Compositional Tool – Exhibition in Northampton

Vinyl Record Cutting asa Compositional Tool
An exhibition by James Kelly

Avenue Gallery, Northampton
19-29 January
Monday-Friday, 10am-4pm

Tel: 01604 893050 Email:

Lecturer in Popular Music

James Kelly, presents his practice-led research which identifies a methodology for music composition that employs vinyl disc cutting as a compositional tool. As a turntablist for the last 15 years, James’ music explores the remixing of vinyl using DJ scratch techniques for the creation of new music. The project presented at the Avenue Gallery takes his compositional approach in new directions by utilising a disc cutting lathe - a machine which is traditionally used in the manufacture of records. 

The mechanism and limitations of the lathe itself is used as an artistic tool to shape the music. The exhibition presents an archive of vinyl records cut during the research process to exemplify a number of experimental disc cutting techniques. James will be introducing his research and performing a live remix of his records in the gallery space during the private view.

Turntable Music Symposium: 28 January

The Turntable Music Symposium and performances will take place in the gallery on the 28th of January with guest speakers Karin Weissenbrunner (City University) and Lisa Busby (Goldsmiths).

10am Karin Weissenbrunner, Performances of Experimental Turntablism
11am James Kelly, Vinyl Disc Cutting as a Compositional Tool
1pm Lisa Busby, De-skill and Scavenge: New Recipes For Songs workshop
7pm Concert with performances from James Kelly and Lisa Busby