Virginie Viel 'Nuage Noir' selected for SIME 2015

On 22 April, Virginie Viel will be perform one of her last piece “Nuage Noir” at the University of Lille III, France.

This piece is one of the 6 pieces selected by the international committee of the SIME (International Week of Electroacoustic Music).

More information can be found by visiting the event's Facebook page.

The committee was composed of:

- Elsa Justel (Argentina) Destellos Foundation
- Bernard Clarke (Irland) Radio Nova Broadcaster
- José Manuel Berenguer (Spain) Director of Orquesta del Caos
- Daniel Judkovsky (Argentina) Professor UNTREF University
- Dante Tanzi (Italy) Acousmonium AUDIOR
- Ricardo Mandolini (Argentina/Italy) University of Lille III
- María Cristina Kasem (Argentina)