Forcucci in Berlin, Basel, Freiburg, Saillon

Doctoral student Luca Forcucci presented his work at numerous events in the first half of 2014:

  • Lecture at the Technical University of Berlin — January 30
  • Sound Installation at the House of Electronic Arts, Basel — Feb 26 - March 16
  • Artist's Talk at the International Symposium Border Sounds, Freiburg — Mar 21-22
  • Presentation of M(a)(e)rgin(g)s at the Zentrum Fuer Kunst und Urbanstik, Berlin — May 23. "Soundscapes from the city of Sao Paulo in Brazil have been recorded. The sound is deterritorialised, abstracted from its original ‘milieu’, reterritorialised and attached to the structure of the ephemeral construction built by Studio OSK at ZK/U Berlin. An imaginary territory emerges through the layering of Sao Paulo, Berlin and the structure itself: a sonic MoirĂ© pattern questioning borders."

He has an upcoming concert and seminar at Rencontres AME, Saillon — Aug 27-31, and a presentation at the Electroacoustic Music Studies conference in Berlin — Jun 12.