MTIRC Research Seminar, 30 October, 2013

Wednesday 30 October, 1 – 2.50pm, Music, Technology and Innovation Research Centre (Clephan 0.19)
        ** Please note alternative venue for this week**
Weiwei Jin: A New Opera: Mantegh-O Teyr—The logic of Journey for the Self in The Conference of the Birds.
Marinos Giannoukakis: Musica Universalis: Towards a universal description of a software framework model for art performances—dissecting the project and progress so far.  This project utilizes 3D game engines with real time audio for performance, using different gesture controllers and joysticks, multi-channel sound and the use of cinematic techniques in real time. 
Jack Richardson: Recognition in Sound-Based Artistic Composition: Increasing access through facilitation, understanding and the recognition of sound as music.