Neal Spowage - Speaker Bra and Wireless Shovel Controller at Falmouth

Doctoral Student Neal Spowage will premier his brand new work Cold Papaya on 28th August at the Fascinate Conference, in the The Performance Centre at Falmouth University. He will also give a paper and a demonstration for his new sculptural wearable instrument The Speaker Bra and Wireless Shovel Controller for which Cold Papaya is a vehicle.

Cold Papaya is a part of Neal's PhD portfolio and ongoing collaboration with choreographer Danai Pappa.

"Cold Papaya (Neal Spowage and Danai Pappa) explores dual relationships and erotic humour in live electronic music. The instrument used in this performance is in two parts, one is a bra and one is a shovel. By dividing kinesthetic source bonding into two distinct focal points, we explore love in a story of horror and dark humour that describes a balance of power, loss, sex and confusion between performers. This wearable instrument, and the performance piece are a mirror for both the artist, and the audience. How important is touch, sound, an object and the sexual power of the human body?"