Chloe Cutler Recipient of DMU Creative Thinking Award

Chloe Cutler, an MA by Research student in the MTIRC, has just been awarded DMU prestigious Creative Thinking Award for her project The Tono: Enhanced Learning with an Innovative Instrument in Key Stage 2 and 3 Music Education. As part of her MA, Cutler designed and constructed a custom electronic handheld instrument to take into the classroom to teach students about making sound-based (as distinct from note-based) music. The classroom placements have been highly successful, with very positive feedback from students and teachers alike. Particularly notable was the fact that some students who have not responded strongly to traditional music instruction in the past seemed to respond enthusiastically to instruction with the Tono. Cutler has been granted £3000 to develop her project further.

Sponsored by Toby Moores, CEO of, The Creative Thinking Awards were established to recognise exceptional levels of creative, novel, original, and inventive thinking.This year the £10,000 prize was shared between three winners who came up with ideas which connected two or more disciplines to come up with creative and unique ideas.