Intermedial perspectives: Practice – Technology – Pedagogy

Troika Ranch — Loop Diver
Jointly hosted by Intermediality & Performance research group (I&Prg) and Music, Technology & Innovation Research Centre (MTIRC) at De Montfort University

2nd July 2013, 10.00 – 16.00 De Montfort University, Leicester LE1 9BH

Key Note speaker: Mark Coniglio (Troika Ranch / Isadora creator)

This inaugural symposium brings together scholars and practitioners to reflect on the nature of intermediality within performance practice, creativity and pedagogies from a range of art practices and disciplines. Building on established perspectives and discourses surrounding notions of ‘intermediality’ this symposium seeks to focus on and interrogate further, the implications of making intermedial performance in what is a swiftly developing milieu.

There is now a substantial collection of work that encompasses screen based installation art, performance and interactive media and applications of intermedial practices in time-based theatre arts. However, whilst there has been a flurry of interest, particularly in the past decade, precedents in the field indicate that there is still scope for more rigorous engagement with how these new ‘forms’ and ‘relations’ from the perspective of the practitioner and educator are having an impact on the practice of making art. This symposium aims to open up further ideas relating to the current impact of ‘intermediality’ on the performing arts and pedagogy.

Other presenters include: Prof. Leigh Landy, Dr. Bret Battey, Kerry Francksen, Marie Fitzpatrick, Dr. Craig Vear, Sally Doughty, Mark Crossley, Jill Cowley and Jo Scott.

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