Dirty Electronics with the Royal Academy of Music

Tuesday 25 June @ The Forge, Camden, London
Main Room
7:00 PM
Price: £9/7 online; £10/8 on the door

Superconducting looks at the bare bones of electronic sound through the construction of DIY pick-ups, amplifiers and paper loudspeakers, and how these, what could be considered, raw materials can be explored through composition and performance. The piece also looks at the intersection between electronic and acoustic sound, and mechanical processes and performance. Copper coils and magnets are used to create, not only pick-ups, but also vibration speakers that are attached to large sheets of paper that resonate. Preparing the paper - dampening, using different sizes, shapes and positions in the room - produces a range of timbres and sound characteristics. The transistor is also explored as the basic building block for an amplifier.