Today! MTI's Anna Xambó gives keynote @ SMC 2020

MTI's Anna Xambó will be giving a keynote TODAY, Wednesday June 24th, at the 2020 Sound and Music Computing conference, which this year is taking place online:

The conference runs from June 24th to 26th - full programme available here:

Anna's keynote will be on the topic 'Collaborative/Participatory Music Experiences: A Dialogue Between SMC and HCI':

"Music has been a topic of inspiration in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) since its beginning in the 1970s-1980s. SMC has borrowed HCI methods and theories as part of its agenda since its inception. In this keynote presentation, I will reflect on how HCI has inspired my SMC work, focusing on the creation of new collaborative and participatory experiences for music performance. I will present several projects that showcase different interaction approaches to digital musical instrument design: tangible, mobile, wearable, and laptop-based interactions. In turn, I will discuss the implications for the two fields. Looking forward, we will see how both fields are evolving rapidly and adapting to new socio-technical changes, such as the control of AI, the ubiquitous digital interfaces, and the worldwide hyper-connectivity, to name a few. I will consider how these transformations are shaping new music experiences for collaboration and participation, as well as the potential synergies with HCI perspectives that incorporate ideas from feminism, decolonisation, and sustainability, among others."