Leigh Landy & John Richards at 'Sonic Experiments: Telematics' @ ZKM

Leigh Landy and John Richards took part in 'Sonic Experiments: Telematics' at ZKM Karlsruhe, Germany in December, which included live-performances, installations, symposium and workshops. The event was part the EU interfaces project exploring telematic art and network performance.

Richards gave a presentation on the telematic events co-initiated by DMU and the Onassis Cultural Centre (OCC), Athens, and his work developing a low-cost, stand-alone solution to network performance using readily available technology. He also conducted a workshop with a mixture of students and artists in which they built their own network instrument.

Landy was an invited panel member alongside Elisabeth Zimmermann (Kunstradio, Ö1/ORF, Vienna), Luka Frelih (Ljudmila, Slovenia) and Yannick Hofmann (ZKM) as part of a discussion on the field of telematic performance and its development.