Recent News: Leigh Landy 'Compose Your Words', US Tour & EuroMAC 2014 Keynote

Leigh Landy's has recently released “Compose Your Words. Commissioned by Intelligent Arts, it is an ePublication available on Amazon and many other such providers. 

He also made a tour through the US in November. This included four concerts in three states, including a concert at Stony Brook University repeated at a Manhattan Gallery, a one-composer concert in Oregon and an MTI concert at the South West Electronic Music Festival in Arizona, and six talks. He visited Stony Brook University in New York State, Arizona State University where he discussed exchange potential between their Arts, Media and Engineering Group and the MTI, the Leicester Media School and the Dance programmes and the University of Oregon. 

Lastly, Leigh also gave a keynote talk and chaired a round table discussion at the European Music Analysis Conference (EuroMAC 2014) at the University of Leuven, Belgium on 20 September 2014 as part of a two-day session “Listening to Electroacoustic Music through Analysis”. His paper was titled: “How Listening-based Analysis Can Aid the Understanding and Appreciation of Electroacoustic Music”.

More information about the conference can be found by visiting