Neal Spowage: Gestures, Affordances and Sculpture

Doctoral Student Neal Spowage recently co-authored a paper, "Gestural Musical Affordances", which was presented at the Sound and Music Computing 2012 conference, held this year in Copenhagen. The paper documents a study that he devised jointly with staff and students at Newcastle Culture Lab. It compared the physical, gestural and cultural attributes of two modern design classics, the iPhone and Wii Remote, as Live Sound Control Interfaces.

On the 8th September, Neal will be performing sib Conduit (video available here). This is his recent collaboration with London based Choreographer Danai Pappa from the Agony Art collective. It will take place at the Live Interfaces conference, Leeds University School of Music. 'sib Conduit' explores the gesture and movement that is generated by sonically indeterminate sculptural instruments.