New Multimedia Tools Symposium 3 Wednesday June 20th

As part of the AHRC funded project ‘New Multimedia Tools for Electroacoustic Music Analysis’ directed by Simon Emmerson and Leigh Landy (Music, Technology and Innovation Research Centre, De Montfort University, Leicester) – and hosted by the Faculty of Art, Design and Humanities at DMU.

Symposium 3: Wednesday 20th June 2012
Theme: ‘Analysis: application, workshop, discussion’

Location: Clephan Building, Bonners Lane, De Montfort University, Leicester LE1 9BH (Room 0.01)
Time: 10.30-13.00 and 14.00-17.00
Chair: Simon Emmerson
Invited participant observer: Gary Kendall (Queens Belfast)

10.30-13.00 Application
Contributions from -
Leigh Landy (DMU) - The Next Step
David Hirst (La Trobe, via Skype) - The SIAM Framework: Segregation, Integration, Assimilation and Meaning
John Ferguson (Kingston) - Some initial thoughts on ‘Wig Wag’ (Waisvisz/Sehnaoui)
Simon Emmerson (DMU) – Capturing interaction and response
Andrew Hugill (DMU) - Towards an analysis of Papa Sangre, an audio-only game for the iPhone/iPad
Mike Gatt (DMU) - The future of OREMA

14.00-16.00 Workshop
Pierre Couprie (DMU): EAnalysis demonstration & hands on workshop

OREMA participants travel bursaries available.

16.00-17.00 Discussion
Project summary, critique and future developments.

All comers welcome!
Your participation in this Symposium presupposes your consent to it being video and audio recorded.
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